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Legends Of Magic Tower Land

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Legends Of Magic Tower Land - A free online adventure game.

Description: Legends of Magic Tower Land is a classic style RPG adventure game. You begin the game in your home which you share with your grandfather. Returning to talk to your grandfather when you're low on health points will restore all your health, although I suspect this may be a bug in the game rather than an intended feature. Battling various creatures earns you points which you use to increase your physical attack and defense which is essential before you can take on the stronger enemies in the game. Collect colored keys to open the locked areas of the map but use them wisely or you may find you can't open a door when you need to. Throughout the game you'll come across various NPC's that offer information but unfortunately this game was poorly translated into English so you may have a hard time figuring out the clues they provide. Explore the world of Magic Tower Land and upgrade your character and maybe you'll figure out what this game is about.

Controls: Arrow keys to play. Mouse to navigate UI.

Categories: Adventure, Strategy, RPG, Puzzle

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